May 12, 2016 board meeting minutes

May 12, 2016 board meeting minutes

Carol Conklin
Frances Catanese
Michael Henn
Michael Peirce
Donna Tomaro

Parkshore entrances will be maintained to include weeding, mulching and power washing of rocks. Suggestions was made to replace trees at the Waukeegan entrance to Parkshore. Michael Henn will obtain quotes. Michael will also obtain a quote to have the wall repaired.

Discussion regarding the maintenance of the cul-de-sac. Landscaper was notified that they will need to notify Michael Henn if there is an issue with maintaining. We do not want residents cutting.

Pond maintenance is needed. Fountain only working on one end. There appears to be a smell resulting from stagnate water. Board discussed need for Aqua Docs to treat the pond.

Discussion regarding spraying for mosquitos/moths. Frances will follow-up with the Park Director.

Michael Pierce will make up additional mailbox stain kits and distribute 5 pints to each of the board members.

No additional business was discussed and the meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.