2017 Parkshore Annual Meeting

Trustees present:
Michael Peirce
Frances Catanese
Donna Tomaro

Meeting opened at 10:05AM

In attendance were 7 Parkshore homeowners (including 3 board members)

Frances opened the meeting by thanking Steve Ginter for handling the Parkshore Financials.

Steve reviewed the financials; detailing the actual to budget expenses for 2016 and provided the 2017 budget. Once again, the board agreed that the current dues are sufficient to maintain the common area property and provide for any unexpected expenses.

Frances discussed the high water bill. She is pursuing the construction company whose truck parked on the HOA common area property breaking the irrigation heads causing a leak.

Frances reviewed and passed out information on local road construction.

Frances made the group aware that there were two positions up for renewal; Michael Peirce and Michael Henn. Both Michael Peirce and Michael Henn expressed an interest to run again for a board position. Andrew Drake expressed an interest to run for one of the open positions. Ballots were cast and tallied. Michael Peirce will continue for another two year term on the board. Welcome Andrew Drake who will assume the other open position.

We would like to extend thanks to Michael Henn for his two year board commitment. Michael has been instrumental in negotiating and securing the 2017 landscaping contracts. Michael will continue to be a big part of the community by providing welcome packets to new residents.

No additional business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35AM