2018 Parkshore Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 19, 2018 at Orange Township Hall

Trustees in attendance:
Frances Catanese
Carol Conklin
Andy Drake
Michael Peirce
Donna Tomaro

Also in attendance: Steve Ginter – Treasurer

Meeting opened at 7:02 PM

Frances opened the meeting by doing introductions of the board and the 11 Parkshore homeowners that attended the meeting.

Steve Ginter was recognized for preparing the financials that last 7 years. Steve reviewed the financials detailing the actual to budgeted expenses – outlining our biggest expense in 2017 was the repair work done with the front entrance irrigation system. The board agreed that the current dues are sufficient to maintain the common area and provide for any unexpected expenses.

Jamie Stabl was recognized for maintaining the retention pond and assisting with repairing a street sign post that was damage.

A request was raised to revisit the replacement of trees, on HOA common property, at the Waukeegan entrance. There were 9 trees that were dead/damaged from storm. A revised estimate, for consideration, will be forwarded from the resident that raised the issue.

A question was posed regarding planned paving of the Parkshore roads. Frances mentioned that she was not aware of any planned paving work for any of the Parkshore streets.

Frances made the group aware that there were three open trustee positions: Frances Catanese, Carol Conklin and Donna Tomaro, and that Frances Catanese and Carol Conklin would not be running for their positions again. Cathleen Duffy and Sherry Jones were the only individuals that expressed an interest to run for one of the open positions. There were no other nominations or volunteers so both candidates were elected unanimously and Donna Tomaro will continue for another two-year term on the board. Welcome Cathleen and Sherry.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Frances Catanese and Carol Conkin for their commitment on the board for a combined total of 23 years. Frances was not only dedicated with maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood, she also was instrumental with helping neighbors connect and enjoy family events through her organization of Flamingo Fridays, Easter Egg Hunts, Annual Wine & Cheese gatherings, to name a few. She helped to ensure that the neighborhood was inclusive and their life was enriched by living here. Carol was actively involved with ensuring compliance and consistency with any project requests submitted. She also supported Frances with any neighborhood related responsibilities or events. The trustees would like to thank Frances and Carol for their many years of service.

No additional business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 PM

Minutes reviewed and approved 4/26/18