HOA quarterly meeting 8/20/20

The meeting started at 7:04pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Donna started the meeting.  Thank you to Steve for his excellent and prompt job with the finances for the association.

A big welcome to Kristen Zollweg, Parkshore’s new social director!  She is responsible for the ice cream stands we’ve had in the neighborhood and is looking into planning some food trucks for dinner as well.

At this point, due to the pandemic, the annual meeting is still postponed.  Once it is safe to have gatherings larger than 10 people, we will reschedule.

As a reminder there are a lot of people out walking in the neighborhood, please drive slowly!

Homeowners have expressed interest in their repairing gas lights.  Specialty Gas House is one company that can provide this service.  There are also conversion kits available from Charm Lite, to convert from gas to electric.

If your mailbox needs replaced, you can get a new one from Roush Hardware in Westerville or Cedar Craft in Blacklick.  Cedar Craft will replace it for you.

Landscape update:  We are waiting for spring to plant grass seed due to water needs.  The tree on Buckman is infested and will be removed. 

Regarding the Spinnaker entrance, the board will be cleaning up this fall and then determine if any additional landscaping is needed.  We are limited due to lack of a sprinkler system at that entrance.

Grass is not looking healthy in common areas.  Some areas may need re-graded but we are waiting until after the bike path is complete.  We will also be getting new quotes for next year’s lawn service.

Bike path bids went out.  The first phase stops at the Parkshore entrance.  It must start in 2020 or they lose the grant money. 

Meeting adjourned 8:27