HOA quarterly meeting 12/3/20

The meeting started at 7:08pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Diane Dietz, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Social update:  We are planning to have another neighborhood food truck in January.  Look for more to come on that.  We are also planning Luminaires for the neighborhood.  Any homeowner interested can get 3 Luminaires to set up along their property line bordering the street.  The HOA will deliver you a Luminaire kit and we’ll ask everyone to light them on Sunday December 20th for neighbors to walk or drive through the neighborhood and see them all lit.  Look for more to come to request your Luminaire kit.

Annual invoices will be sent out in January.

The No parking sign on the circle of Buckman St. fell.  We are getting a quote from Cedar Craft to replace the pole.  At that time, we will also look into a no outlet sign for Greely as we have had complaints of deliver trucks driving too fast from Montclaire across to Greely.

As a reminder the pond is private property and not for community use.  It also does not completely freeze due to aerators for the fountains, so no ice skating.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm