Group Rate on Irrigation Winterization

Hidden Springs is again offering a group rate for Parkshore homeowners for irrigation winterization and core aeration needs. Our group shut off date is Saturday October 20th. The price for irrigation shut off is $60, core aeration is $65 for standard size yards of 7500 square feet or less. If you choose to have both services, the total cost is only $120.

If you wish to have core aeration, please remember to ask the technician to mark your irrigation heads during winterization. Dog fences must be clearly marked to avoid lines being cut by the aerator. It is the responsibility of the owner to do so prior to aeration.

If you are able to have your system shut down during the week and to avoid the Saturday wait, Hidden Springs will honor the group pricing. Call Frances Catanese at 740-816-1464 to schedule for weekday shut off.

Click here to sign up for Irrigation Winterization and/or Core Aeration.