HOA Quarterly meeting 3/24/21

Board member meeting began at 6:32pm by Zoom

Attendees:  Diane Dietz, Sherry Jones, Donna Tomaro, Cathleen Duffy, Andy Drake, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Annual meeting:  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and social distancing restrictions the 2020 Annual meeting was postponed.  We are now a year behind on the annual meeting.  We are hoping to have it at the end of April.  We are looking for an outdoor venue for the meeting, so that we will be able to socially distance.  We are currently looking into the Below Dam Park.  All positions will be up for election:  president, vice president, secretary, and representative.

HOA Dues:  Thank you to everyone who has paid their annual HOA dues.  If you haven’t done so already, please don’t forget to pay your dues.

Bike path:  The Orange Township bike path is being built along Lewis Center Rd.  Some homeowners are concerned about its proximity to their yard and inquired about a privacy fence or trees.  Our lawyer advised us that it is a violation of section 5312.08, improper expenditure of HOA funds, since subsidizing trees or fence would be on homeowner property.  If there’s HOA property it can be subsidized, but there is not.  One recommendation is to have all the homeowners form an alliance and go to the township for support.  We are going to reach out to the Shores HOA to see if we can get a meeting between all homeowners along Lewis Center Rd that will be affected.  More to come on that.  

Social activities:  We are looking into doing a community garage sale again this year with the Shores. 

Thursday April 8th 5pm-7:30pm Slab food truck will be in the neighborhood.  They sell burgers, wings, pulled pork, fries.

Meza Wine Shop in Westerville will let the neighborhood choose a date and they will deliver to anyone in the neighborhood for free for orders of $25 or more.  We’ll let everyone know when we get that date.

Spring is coming, it’s good to be able to get outside.  Please remember to drive slow in the neighborhood.  Also, if you’re doing spring yard work and your mailbox needs stained, remember all of the HOA trustees have stain to give you, just let one of us know.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm

First Annual Luminary Walk: Evening of December 20th

The neighborhood is glowing with gorgeous light displays around many homes.

Grab your hot cocoa or special holiday drink, your family and a warm jacket to join in a neighborhood luminary walk anytime after 6pm.

We will deliver the luminaries on the 20th to each home earlier in the day. No need to be home, the luminaries will be placed in your yard near the street.  Please light your luminary before 6pm.  

If you are not available to light your luminaries a street captain has been assigned to every street to ensure we have all of the luminaries lit. 

Also, if possible could you please dispose of the luminaries the next day? Again, if you are not able, the street captain will be around on Monday afternoon to clean up the debris. 

We hope that this will be an ongoing tradition in years to come in our neighborhood. 

If the weather does not cooperate a new date will be communicated.

HOA quarterly meeting 12/3/20

The meeting started at 7:08pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Diane Dietz, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Social update:  We are planning to have another neighborhood food truck in January.  Look for more to come on that.  We are also planning Luminaires for the neighborhood.  Any homeowner interested can get 3 Luminaires to set up along their property line bordering the street.  The HOA will deliver you a Luminaire kit and we’ll ask everyone to light them on Sunday December 20th for neighbors to walk or drive through the neighborhood and see them all lit.  Look for more to come to request your Luminaire kit.

Annual invoices will be sent out in January.

The No parking sign on the circle of Buckman St. fell.  We are getting a quote from Cedar Craft to replace the pole.  At that time, we will also look into a no outlet sign for Greely as we have had complaints of deliver trucks driving too fast from Montclaire across to Greely.

As a reminder the pond is private property and not for community use.  It also does not completely freeze due to aerators for the fountains, so no ice skating.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm

HOA quarterly meeting 8/20/20

The meeting started at 7:04pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Donna started the meeting.  Thank you to Steve for his excellent and prompt job with the finances for the association.

A big welcome to Kristen Zollweg, Parkshore’s new social director!  She is responsible for the ice cream stands we’ve had in the neighborhood and is looking into planning some food trucks for dinner as well.

At this point, due to the pandemic, the annual meeting is still postponed.  Once it is safe to have gatherings larger than 10 people, we will reschedule.

As a reminder there are a lot of people out walking in the neighborhood, please drive slowly!

Homeowners have expressed interest in their repairing gas lights.  Specialty Gas House is one company that can provide this service.  There are also conversion kits available from Charm Lite, to convert from gas to electric.

If your mailbox needs replaced, you can get a new one from Roush Hardware in Westerville or Cedar Craft in Blacklick.  Cedar Craft will replace it for you.

Landscape update:  We are waiting for spring to plant grass seed due to water needs.  The tree on Buckman is infested and will be removed. 

Regarding the Spinnaker entrance, the board will be cleaning up this fall and then determine if any additional landscaping is needed.  We are limited due to lack of a sprinkler system at that entrance.

Grass is not looking healthy in common areas.  Some areas may need re-graded but we are waiting until after the bike path is complete.  We will also be getting new quotes for next year’s lawn service.

Bike path bids went out.  The first phase stops at the Parkshore entrance.  It must start in 2020 or they lose the grant money. 

Meeting adjourned 8:27

Quarterly Meeting 04/09/20

The meeting started at 7:02pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Dianne Dietz, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones

We plan to reschedule the annual HOA meeting for after the Stay at Home order is lifted.

This month we should be able to start the process of repairing and staining the street sign posts.  As a reminder, now is a good time to repair and stain your mailbox while we are all at home.  All the board members have stain free of charge for home owners, just ask.  Parkshore has a Facebook page now.   You can use that as a resource to reach out and hire someone in the neighborhood to paint your mailbox for you, if needed. 

Thank you to Dan and Sherry Jones for removing the dead trees at the front entrance.  We will be doing spring planting at the front entrance on Saturday 5/9/20.

We still plan to have the dead trees removed on the cul-de-sacs this spring.  We will wait to plant new trees in the fall since there’s no sprinkler system on the cul-de-sacs.  We are looking into what can be done to freshen up the Spinnaker entrance as well, but there’s also no sprinkler system there.

As a reminder there are a lot of people out walking and biking with the spring weather and Stay at Home order.  Remember to drive to the right around the cul-de-sac to prevent accidents and to drive slowly.  

There are some residents who would like to see all the gas lamps lit in front of our homes.  We realize that running the gas lamps can be costly and difficult to maintain. They can be converted to electric.  Specialty Gas House will do the conversion to electric.  Their number is 614-261-0824.  There are conversion kits to convert it yourself.  Charm Lite has an LED kit for $89.95.  They also can be hired for installation.  The neighborhood is dark, and it is nice to have the lamps lit, but the neighborhood covenants just say the posts need to be maintained.   

There are still some residents that need to pay their annual HOA dues of $125.  All homeowners are required to pay HOA dues. 

There is a new bill proposed in the state senate for HOAs to be paperless and to allow dues to go towards social events.  We’ll let you know if this passes.

Meeting adjorned 8:35pm

HOA Quarterly Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 7:04pm on 1/30/20

Attendees:  Steve Ginter, Donna Tomaro, Kevin Fellona, Tim Huter, Diane Dietz, Sherry Jones, Andy Drake, and Cathleen Duffy

Financials:  Landscaping fees will be up this year.  We have gone with a new company and we are improving the landscaping at the front entrance and in the cul-de-sacs.  HOA fees have been the same since the neighborhood began and at this point they do not need to be increased.

In spring we will have the street posts painted and repaired.  The galvanized steel sleeves were added at the base of the posts to prevent trimmer damage.

We will be re-evaluating mailboxes in the spring.  We are trying to keep the neighborhood looking good.  Thank you to everyone who has painted or replaced their mailbox already.

We will post one “No Trespassing” sign at the pond.

As a reminder it is in the HOA covenants that trash cans need to be stored out of sight.

We are planning the 2020 annual meeting for a Thursday in March at 7pm.  We are trying to book it at Orange Township Hall, and will let everyone know when it is scheduled.  Three positions on the HOA board are up for re-election this year.  Please let the HOA know if you are interested in running for a position.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm

HOA Quarterly Meeting Minutes


Quarterly HOA meeting

Start at 7:02pm

Attendees:  Steve Ginter via phone, Donna Tomaro, Kevin Fellona, Tim Huter, Diane Dietz, Sherry Jones, Andy Drake, and Cathleen Duffy

The backflow for the irrigation system will be re-done this month.

For now we plan to leave the annual HOA dues the same, may need to increase in the future.

All residents should have received their letter stating that the pond in our neighborhood is private property, owned by eight of the homeowners living around it.  We ask that you not use the pond recreationally without specific permission from one of the homeowners.  The homeowners living on the pond may request a no trespassing sign paid for by the HOA.  The deadline to order a sign is 12/31/19.  The homeowner will have input as to the design and placement of any no trespassing signs, so that they will look tasteful.

The HOA will re-evaluate mailboxes in spring.  If your mailbox is still in disrepair you will receive a notice giving you 30 days to fix it or it will be done for you by the HOA at homeowner’s expense. 

The street signs/posts will be repaired and stained in the spring. 

The vandalized street sign on Greely should be replaced 12/9/19.

We plan to update the local utility companies listed on the HOA web site.

Greenlawn has been hired to maintain the neighborhood irrigation system and do the lawn maintenance for the common areas this year.  We will also have them update the landscaping.  The plan is to update the landscaping of the circles on Westwick and Highgate this year and the front entrance in the spring.

Information from the Orange Township meeting:  There are no bids out yet for the bike path.  William Cohen says it will go out for bidding in the spring.  It may go closer to lot lines than anticipated.  There is no plan for landscaping or a fence around the path.  Waukeegan and Westwick are on the list to be evaluated for repaving in 2020.

The new directory will be printed by the end of the month.

The HOA Annual meeting will be at Orange Township Hall in March.  Date to be announced.

Next HOA meeting 1/30/20 at 7pm .

10/3/19 HOA Quarterly Meeting

Meeting began at 7:06pm

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Sherry Jones, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Diane Dietz, Kevin Fallona, Tim Huter

The open position on the Design Review Board has been filled by Tim Huter.  Thank you Tim!  Please remember if you are doing anything to alter the exterior of your home to complete the form from the HOA web site and submit it to the Design Review Board.  By doing this we can be sure you have proper permits and you are not encroaching on the Delaware County easement, which could lead to you having to remove the alterations at your expense.

Diane is working on the updated neighborhood directory.  It will be done and distributed soon.

The photocell was repaired for front entrance lights

The sprinkler control box has been repaired

The vandalized street posts should be replaced by the end of October.  The board has also ordered galvanized steel sleeves for the bases of the street signs to protect them from mowers and trimmers.  We are getting estimates to stain all the posts.

The board has changed companies and is now going to use Greenlawn for landscape and the sprinkler system.  We will be looking into trimming and refreshing the front entrance and the circles in the courts. 

Mailbox review is done.  More stain kits have been distributed to board members, so please reach out to a member of the HOA board if you need free mailbox stain.

6/20/19 Quarterly HOA meeting

In attendance:  Sherry Jones, Donna Tomaro, Steve Ginter, Kevin Fallona, Diane Dietz, and Cathleen Duffy; Andy Drake via phone

Meeting opened at 7:00pm

Steve Ginter started with the financial report.  There are still six homeowners with an outstanding balance for this year’s dues. 

We will start working on the front entrance landscape including power washing the stones and repairing the stone wall.  Some of the street signs are showing wear.  We will be looking into which ones just need stained and which ones need replaced.

If you are considering any significant changes to your property, The Parkshore Covenant Architectural Standard requires that it be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Board.

Items to review include:

  • altering existing surfaces (paint colors, roofing materials, etc)
  • constructing or modify fencing
  • installing any recreational device
  • additions, patios and decks
  • major landscaping or ground grading

Review the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for more specifics.

The form for submitting requests to the Design Review Board can be found on the Parkshore HOA web site.  There is a two week turnaround time on requests. 

There have been some role changes on the board and we are going to work on updating the HOA web site.

There is a mailer that all homeowners should be receiving shortly regarding mailbox maintenance and the formation of a social committee for the HOA.  If you have already repaired your mailbox, thank you, and please disregard the HOA request to repair it.  We apologize for the delay in the mailer.  We have had some difficulties with Real Property Management Company and the board will be looking into changing companies.

We also wanted to include this information from the Orange Township newsletter, in case any homeowners are interested:

Parkshore HOA Quarterly Meeting 11/13/18

Hello Parkshore Residents!  The home owners association had its quarterly meeting on 11/13/18.  We want to thank all of you who have been painting and repairing your mailboxes, the neighborhood looks good!  We have a lot of new residents in the neighborhood, so we are planning on putting out an updated directory for 2019.  We are also looking for your involvement in social activities for the neighborhood, including starting a Welcoming Committee for people moving to the neighborhood and a Social Committee for planning events like our Flamingo Fridays.  Consider getting involved.  Look for more information to come on that!  We will be having our annual home owner’s association meeting on Saturday March 9th, 2019.  It is tentatively planned for 9:00 am at Orange Hall.  All home owners are invited and encouraged to attend.