Garage sale next weekend

2018 Annual Multi-Neighborhood Garage Sale
Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2, 9 AM – 4 PM 

Just a quick  reminder that next week is the annual Spring Garage Sale. Other area HOAs participating include Oak Creek, Villages of Oak Creek, Oak Creek East, Summerfield Village, The Shores and Prestwick Commons. 

The sale will go on rain or shine.

2016 Parkshore Annual Meeting

February 6, 2016 10am
Michael Peirce
Carol Conklin
Frances Catanese
Michael Henn
Amy Lloyd

Meeting opened at 10:05am – in attendance were 9 homeowners of Parkshore.

Frances thanked Steve Ginter for his continued help with the financial aspects of the HOA. She also thanked Jamie Stabl who has continued to provide support with the pond, the planting of flowers etc.

Next, Steve Ginter provided a financial update detailing the actual to budget expenses for 2015 and providing the 2016 budget. Once again, the board agreed that the current dues are sufficient to maintain the property and provide for unexpected expenses.

Frances made the group aware that 3 positions were up for renewal, Frances Catanese, Carol Conklin and Amy Lloyd, and that Amy Lloyd would not be running for her position as Secretary again. Donna Tomaro was the only individual who expressed interest in running for the position. Steve Catanese nominated Donna and Mike Chiappi seconded the motion. There were no other nominations or volunteers so vote was by show of hands and unanimous for Donna to assume the vacant position. The positions for Carol and Frances also had a unanimous vote to be retained.

Michael Henn gave an update on the Landscaping bid for 2016. He obtained detailed quotes from three companies and the lowest cost provider was our current Landscaping Company at $4,477.99, which was equal to his 2015 price. Michael has already address the need to keep a close eye on the weed situation for this year and expressed concerns to Dale, the owner that extra attention needs to be paid to the common areas and islands.

Frances reviewed the pole that was hit at the corner of Waukeegan and Montclair and was leaning. Mike Norton, homeowner fixed it temporarily but in the spring the HOA will ensure that it is completely fixed, filling in dirt if needed.
One homeowner expressed concerns about the fading of the stop signs throughout the neighborhood. Frances will contact he township to see what can be done to repair or replace the signs.

Another homeowner asked if the township would be spraying for mosquitoes this year and if not suggested that the board spend some of the current funds to spray. Another homeowner also indicated that we should spray for gypsy moths this year as they are expected to be very bad.

Frances agreed to contact the township and investigate if they will be spraying or if the HOA has the ability to spray.
Frances also indicated that typically in addition to the summer events, we hold a wine party in the first few months. The HOA provides all of the paper produces and each person brings a dish to pass and wine.  If you are interested in hosting the wine party in the next few months this year, please contact any of the trustees.

Final business:
Michael Henn has created more welcome kits and need to get a list of all the new homeowners for the last 3 months so he can deliver kits. These kits provide a wealth of information about the community and the HOA. Steve Ginter will provide any names/addresses he has received along with the rest of the board. If you are new to our community and have not received a kit, contact Michael Henn via the website.

No additional business and the meeting adjourned at 10:30am.

September 1, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Parkshore HOA Board Meeting minutes
September 1, 2015 7:15pm

Carol Conklin
Michael Peirce
Michael Henn
Frances Catanese
Amy Lloyd

Michael Henn noted that he will need to make several more welcome kits with all of the new home owners and homes for sale. The board discussed the need to reprint the directory and agreed that one reprinting per year would be done during annual dues/meeting time.

Discussion regarding several homes with improvements that have not been submitted to the Design board – Carol, as representative of both board and Design review board will send the list of currently approved projects to the Trustees. Board agreed to have the Management company send violation letters to any unapproved projects.

Discussion regarding the letter sent by a homeowner who recently received a violation letter regarding removal of his lamp post. Board reviewed the Declarations and Covenants and will have the Management company respond.

Michael Peirce distributed more mailbox stain kits and noted that many homeowners have sought stain. The board agreed to conduct the annual inspection of mailboxes and send letters to homeowners who need to repair, replace or paint their mailbox.

Michael Peirce noted that Specialty Gas House, (614) 261-0824 has parts and mantles for the gas lamps. He had a few homeowners ask for the contact. Board agreed to post their information to the website.

Board discussed need for Aqua Docs to treat the pond. All agreed this should be done and are pleased with the significant reduction in treatments needed due to the new filters.

Michael Henn noted that it was time to send a bid request for landscaping and would like the placement of mulch detailed better by the current provider. It was noted that one of the stone on the wall was slightly out of place. The board members agreed that we would address in the coming week.

Discussion regarding Management company and their recommendation to have a review done of the complete Declarations and Covenants by an attorney as they are now 20 years old and may have elements that could conflict with State or local laws. Board agreed and Frances will contact the two suggested attorneys provided by the Management Company.

There is still an issue with drainage at the entrance noted by Matt from Hidden Springs, who takes care of the sprinkler systems. He will check with Del-Co water if it is not dry in the next several days as there may be an issue they will need address.

No additional business was discussed and the meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

April 20, 2015 Board Meeting 7pm

Board meeting was attended by all Trustees:
Michael Peirce, Carol Conklin, Frances Catanese, Michael Henn and Amy Lloyd

Welcome Michael Henn to the board.
First order of business:
Entrance Lighting. Frances provide an update that the lighting replacement will be done by Dale Conklin and Jamie Stabl as soon as the weather holds for several days.

Pond Treatment for the summer: The addition of the aeration equipment installed last summer should reduce the amount of treatments needed. The decision was made not to renew the full contract with 12 treatments, but to have pay month-to-month and assess what will be needed.

Annual Dues: All but one homeowner has paid 2015 dues. The unpaid account already has a balance from previous non-payment. The board agreed to have the management company add this amount to the existing lien on the property, and send the homeowner an updated statement of the total outstanding balance.

Michael Henn will make more welcome kits as we have several homes for sale. He agreed to add a page with some helpful information for new homeowners such as; activities, approximate date of annual dues, and how to get mailbox staining kits.

Michael Peirce will make additional mailbox staining kits that can be obtained after May 1st, by contacting any board member. There are several mailboxes in need of staining and this kit is free to homeowners.

Reminder that the annual garage sale will take place May 1-2 from 10-2 each day. We share the cost of the advertising with The Shores.

Flamingo Fridays are back! Great time to get together with your neighbors. The board will provide a cool treat for the kids and cheese and crackers. You bring a chair, anything you would like to drink and join us at the cul-de-sac.
June 12 Westwick
July 10th Buckman
August 7th – Highgate

Final note: Michael Peirce discussed the concerns expresses by several homeowners that people with pets are not picking up after their pooches. Please make sure you bring bags when you walk your dog and as a courtesy remove your dogs waste. Additionally, dogs must be leashed when walking on any street for everyone’s protection. Please help us keep our neighborhood clean and safe for all.

No additional business. The meeting was adjourned at 8pm

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Parkshore HOA Annual Meeting – Saturday February 7, 2015 Orange Township Hall
Trustees in attendance
Carol Conklin
Dale Conklin
Frances Catanese
Michael Peirce
Amy Lloyd
Also in attendance : Steve Ginter – Treasurer

The meeting began at 10am and was attended by 8 homeowners in addition to the trustees.

Steve Ginter began by reviewing the financial report. The 2014 budget was able to cover the work on the retention pond, tree replacement and painting supplies in addition to regular maintenance without any increase in dues for 2015. Steve explained that the budget for 2015 projected a year-end balance about $3,000 lower than 2014 because of the expected expense from the electrical work that will need to be completed on the lighting at the entrance. Frances passed around the burnt electrical plugs that resulted from the aging wiring at the entrance. The wring and lighting at the entrance needs to be replaced as a safety hazard. The new lights will be LED and are expected to save money because of lower electrical usage and longer life of the bulb.

Dale covered the renewal of the landscaping bid. The company kept the cost the same as for 2014 making them the lowest cost provider.

A homeowner asked about paving on Waukegan. Frances recommended that homeowners contact the Orange Township Commissioners and file requests. She and Carol Conklin described how it took three years to get action on Buckman , which included taking pictures, going to township meetings and email and calls to the Commissioners.

Frances also contacted the township regarding the change in trash collection after several questions from homeowners. Rumpke will no longer offer separate pick-up of yard waste. It will be collected with regular trash and will not be recycled so there is no requirement to place it in the specific yard waste bags as of January 1, 2015.

One homeowner inquired about how to obtain additional recycling bins. These can be picked up at the township hall and are free. There is no limit and they now come with a lid. The old bins however, are not recyclable but can be dropped off there as trash.

Two homeowners complained about unsightly trash bins being left in front of their neighbor’s homes several days after collection. The trustees explained that trash bins must be put away within 24 hours of collection or a fine of $25 per day will be assessed. These types of violations can be submitted to any trustee via the Parkshore HOA website address who will contact the Management company for review and action.

Trustee Election
There were two positions up for election. Dale Conklin and Michel Peirce. Dale announced he would step down. Dale served on the board for several years and was actively involved in securing bids that helped significantly reduce costs in maintenance. The trustees would like to thank Dale for his many years of service.

Michael Peirce indicated his interested in staying on. A homeowner nominated Michael Peirce, the motion was seconded and a unanimous vote in favor was received. A request for any additional nominees to fill Dale’s position was made. A homeowner nominated Michael Henn, the motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor of Michael Henn for the second seat. Welcome Michael Henn!

The floor was opened for questions and a homeowner indicated that she had discovered that in the wooded area behind Highgate/Waukegan she found a spot with extensive trash, bottles of alcohol and a chair. She said it looked like kids may be using it as a sport for drinking. We will alert the Sheriff.

She also indicated that a friend in another community down the road, warned her about magazine sales scams that were hitting several neighborhoods. She said to be on the lookout for door-to-door sales.

The HOA usually holds a wine party sometime in March or April and is still looking for a volunteer to host this event. All paper products are provided by the HOA and each person who comes brings an appetizer and beverage to share. If you are interested, please contact any trustee via the Parkshore website.

Michael Peirce shared that he is creating additional painting kits for mailboxes as nice weather will be coming soon. The winter takes a toll on mailboxes and it was observed that several are in need of repair and/or painting. The paint for mailboxes is a custom color and is supplied free of charge by the HOA. If you need a kit, please email one of the trustees. Painting and maintenance of the mailboxes is the responsibility of each homeowner.

Finally the board thanked Kathleen Peirce for the work she did to improve the Parkshore HOA website.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.

Trustee Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1/15/15 7pm.
Attended by:
Frances Catanese, Carol Conklin, Mike Peirce, Amy Lloyd
Absent: Dale Conklin
Meeting opened with discussion about the Annual meeting agenda. There are 2 open positions. Dale Conklin and Mike Peirce’s terms are up. Dale will not run again. Mike is interested in continuing. Michael Henn also expressed interested in running this term. If anyone is interested they should contact any one of the Parkshore Trustees prior to the March meeting.
Frances will check on March dates to hold the meeting at the Orange Twp. Office. The meeting will again be held on a Saturday as that produces the best attendance. Date to be finalized with the 2015 winter letter.
The board discussed the upcoming dues and reviewed the financial situation. The decision was made not to raise dues but to keep them as is. There are sufficient funds to cover the maintenance costs that are expected for 2015. The letter will be sent out by February 1, 2015 with HOA dues, payable prior to the Annual meeting.
Next, was the discussion of lighting situation at the entrance. The electrical needs to be replaced after two of the plugs caught fire in December melting the holiday lighting. The lighting is 19 years old and previous inquiries indicate that by replacing the electrical we could save energy that would offset the cost of replacement. The members voted unanimously to complete this work. Dale will secure bids for the electrical in the hopes of having the work done in early spring.
Frances discussed the changes to the trash service and her contact to the township confirmed that there will be no separate pickup for yard waste in 2015. Yard waste will be picked up with regular trash. She will place this in the winter newsletter.
Michael Peirce recently had his gas lamp fixed by a company who has and can correctly install the mantels. He noticed it makes a big difference to the lighting situation. He is going to check with the company that did it and see if they will offer us a discount rate for multiple houses if people are interested in replacing the mantels so that their front yard is well lit.
The kits for mailbox stain have been a big hit, but are nearly gone. Michael will purchase more supplies so that when the weather gets warmer they will be available for homeowners who need to restain.
Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

2014 Annual Meeting minutes

Annual Meeting
February 22, 2014 10am
Orange Township Hall

Trustees were all in attendance

  • Michael Peirce
  • Dale Conklin
  • Carol Conklin
  • Frances Catanese
  • Amy Lloyd

Meeting opened with Michael Peirce discussing the new website and features.  The new site provides the opportunity for homeowners to add or update themselves allowing us to keep current on email addresses.  The new site will reduce the cost by eliminating the need to pay a hosting fee.  The only remaining cost will be the domain name retention fee of approximately $15/year. The work by Michael and his wife Kathleen is much appreciated and the new site looks great.

Next was a financial review by Steve Ginter.  The financial summary was distributed to all attending homeowners.  The ending balance for 2013 was $2,748.01 more than projected.  This was primarily due to lower cost of lawn services. Mr. Zuelke asked what the board felt was the right amount to hold?  He felt that the current amount, approximately 1.5x the dues was accurate, but if it increased beyond 2X then we should consider adjusting annual dues.  Both Dale and Amy offered examples of potential needs in the next year or two, including work on the retention pond bordering Waukeegan and Buckman homes, that will dip into the reserves and the work on the pipes and signs at the entrance.  After some discussion, Mr. Zuelke said he was satisfied with the explanation and agreed with the current decision to maintain dues as is.

Frances discussed the paving that has been promised by Orange Township and she has an email from Debbie Taranto – Orange Twp. Board member that we will be first on the list for paving this year.

The trustees are going to publish an updated directory and ask that if you want your email and phone number included you send an email with that information.  Otherwise, only your name and address will be included.  We talked about the potential of keeping it updated on the website and will discuss the option to password protect that section to only homeowners.

Events for 2014:

Looking for a volunteer to host an Easter Egg Hunt?  If you are interested please contact Frances Catanese

Kathleen Hadder will host the annual Wine Party this year on April 26th.  Please bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share.

Mr. Ginter asked about replacing the tree in the circle on Highgate.  Mike Chiappi has agreed to spearhead this operation and the trustees have approved funds for tree replacement.  The board would also like to thank Jamie Stabl for all of his help in beatification of the neighborhood.  He has helped plant flowers and do clean up at the entrance many times.  Michael Peirce said that he has stain kits made up for mailboxes if anyone needs one see him.  The stain is non-standard and can be difficult to locate.  The board purchased a gallon and made up kits for homeowners. The stain kit is at no cost to the home owner.

The meeting moved to voting for 3 open positions; Frances Catanese, Carol Conklin and Amy Lloyd.  All three board members expressed interest in remaining on the board in addition to two other  homeowners expressed interest in becoming trustees; Mike Henn and Lori Henn.   Mike Henn talked about his desire to get involved now that he was more familiar with neighborhood and suggested that he would like to do more to help new homeowners by creating a welcome packet. Lori also said she would like to get more involved.

Michael Peirce passed out ballots, voting was 1 per household.  He also tallied the votes with all three current board members retaining their seats.  Each term is for two years.

Mr. Henn offered to take on developing a welcome committee/kit.

Last discussion was the domestic geese that have invaded the pond.  They are noisy and becoming a nuisance.  They chase many of the small children in the area and becoming more aggressive.  Mr. Stabl spoke with the DNR who indicated that unless we could find the people responsible for bringing them here, we couldn’t do anything about removing them.  We could destroy any nests to prevent the increase in population.  One homeowner indicated that he thought someone was feeding them, but didn’t know who.  The trustees agreed to try and find out who brought them here, so we could ask that they be moved before further problems.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 10:45am.

New Email Notifications

There is a new feature on our website this year: e-mail notifications will go out to all homeowners when new information is posted. You will receive meeting notices, alerts, community activities, etc.

We currently have 165  homeowner email addresses, but we don’t know if they are all up-to-date. The emails will all have links at the bottom that will allow you to update your name and email address. If you know of neighbors who are not receiving emails or who are new in the neighborhood, there is a sign-up page on the website to get on our mailing list. Just have them go to

2014 Association Dues

We are pleased to announce that our annual dues will remain at $125.00 for 2014. Invoices were mailed out to all homeowners on January 20th and payment is due by February 15th. There is a $25 late fee for all payments received after February 15th.

Payments should be mailed to:

Parkshore Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 431
Lewis Center, OH 43035