Annual HOA Fees – Friendly Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents,

As a reminder the $125 annual HOA fees were due February 12, 2021, to avoid a late fee. The HOA Board of Trustees has decided to extend the payment deadline and waive the late fee charge if payment is received by Friday, February 26, 2021.
Thanks to everyone who has paid their annual HOA fees by the deadline.

Pastaria Food Truck

Our next food truck/event will be a Pop-Up DRIVE THRU from Pastaria! This is different from a food truck because the food is not hot/cooked but rather it offers take home items from the North Market. On the online store, Pastaria features their homemade sauces, fresh pasta, ravioli, pizza making kits, par-baked pizzas along with our popular family style options like chicken parmesan, lasagna, salads, etc. Families can order online and decide to either cook dinner together, save it for a later dinner and/or even freeze the food.

Through the next week, families can use the link:

to order food through Pastaria to be picked up the evening of Tuesday, October 27th from 6:00-6:30pm near Waukeegan Ave. & Greeley Ct.

Orders can be placed now until Monday at noon, when the window closes for online orders.

We are excited to offer a fun, easy way to make dinner together as a family!

Ice Cream Social

Hello Parkshore Neighbors,

We have two neighborhood events scheduled for August:

The first event is on Wednesday, August 5th from 6-8 PM with Sticky Fingers Ice Cream.  Their cart will be set up at the entrance to Greeley Ct.  
Additional information can be found on their facebook page: Sticky Fingers Ice Cream Parlor

The second event is on Thursday, August 13th from 1-4 PM with Little Ladies Soft Serve Ice Cream.  Their truck will be located near the intersection of Greeley Ct., Waukegan and Montclair. 
A link to their website:

When visiting the cart/truck, please remember to wear your mask & help maintain social distance from other customers.

We hope to see everyone out to enjoy some ice cream with fellow Parkshore neighbors.

A special thanks to Kristen for organizing these fun family neighborhood events.

Kona Ice Food Truck

The Kona Ice truck will be in our neighborhood Saturday, June 6th, starting at 3 PM. The truck will be located near the intersection of Greeley Ct., Waukeegan and Montclair.

Please come out and enjoy a Kona Ice while getting to know and interacting with fellow Parkshore neighbors. Kona Ice prices range from $3-$6 depending on size ordered.

Kona Ice asks that we remember to practice social distancing and have only one family member approach the truck for ordering and taking back to their families.

A special thanks to Kristen for organizing this fun family neighborhood event.

Parkshore HOA Annual Meeting – Update

Dear Parkshore Residents,

Please allow this letter to serve as a follow up to our April 3, 2020 communication pertaining to the cancellation/rescheduling of the Parkshore HOA annual Meeting.

At the direction of Governor DeWine and our legal council we still are not able to schedule our annual meeting at this time due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Once the Governor lifts the meeting restrictions we will notify you of the date, time and location of our annual meeting.

If you have any questions please send an email to

Parkshore HOA Trustees

Parkshore HOA Annual Meeting – Update

Dear Parkshore Residents,

Due to COVID-19 concerns the annual meeting scheduled for April 9, has been postponed. We will notify you prior to May 18, 2020 of the new date, time, and location of the annual meeting or further update you by then if a new date is not yet possible.


Parkshore HOA Trustees

Parkshore HOA Annual Meeting

Dear Parkshore Residents,

The Parkshore HOA annual meeting will be held at the Delaware County Orange Branch Library in the Orange Community Room on Thursday, April 9, beginning at 7 PM.

There are three open trustee positions available for nominations. If you are interested in running for one of these open positions please submit your letter of intent to any trustee or email to by Tuesday, April 7.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Parkshore HOA Trustees

Annual HOA Fees – Friendly Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents,

As a reminder the $125 annual HOA fees were due February 15, 2020, to avoid a late fee. The HOA board of trustees has decided to extend the payment deadline and waive the late fee charge if payment is received by Saturday, February 29, 2020.
Thanks to everyone who has paid their fees by the deadline.

Neighborhood Update

We have been notified that there has been vandalism to some of the street signs throughout the neighborhood. The street name for Buckman and Sloop Drive have been torn from the posts. We will have the posts and street names replaced as soon as possible.

The board has notified the Delaware County Sheriff’s department and an incident report has been filed. If you see suspicious activity please notify the Delaware County Sheriff’s office by calling 911 or 740-833-2800 if it is not an emergency.

Please continue to keep us informed of any incidents so we can communicate and help keep our neighborhood safe.

Parkshore HOA Trustees

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Saturday 3/8/19 at Orange Township Hall

Trustees in attendance: Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Michael Peirce, Sherry Jones, Cathleen Duffy

Meeting opened at 9:00am

Donna called the meeting to order. Board introduced themselves, and homeowners introduced themselves.

Donna thanked Steve Ginter for doing the finances and Jamie Stable for pond maintenance.

Steve Ginter gave the financial report. Biggest expense was a tree limb falling on electric at the entrance. Dues were due by Monday 3/11/19. 18 homeowners still owe. Donna explained annual dues were due earlier this year. They are for a calendar year, trying to get back to beginning of the year. There are three delinquent accounts in Parkshore. Two of them owe since 2015, there are liens on the homes.

President update. We’re going to do a mailbox evaluations. Everyone will get one. Hopefully no one is offended, but some of the mailboxes are worn and in need of repair/replacement. New boxes are lighter in color. Stain was changed to water base 2-3 years ago. We will continue to provide the stain. In the same mailing as the mailbox evaluation there will be the social committee information and the directory sign up. The directory will include public information (name and address of home owner) and you can opt in to include phone number.  There was discussion about including information for children in the neighborhood available for neighborhood jobs such as mailbox painting, dog walking, babysitting.

In the upcoming years we may need to budget for replacement/painting of street signs. There was a suggestion to put 5” wrap around the base of street sign poles to protect them from mowing/trimming trauma. The board will explore this option.

The trustees received an email about paving Westwick. The HOA does not pave streets. Orange Township is in charge of paving the roads. Residents have called Orange Township, but so far the township has only added fill to the cracks. Beth Hughes was the contact person at Orange Township, she is no longer in that position and park and recs meetings were discontinued.

Construction of the bike path should begin this summer. It will extend from Bale Canyon to Parkshore. There will be a cross walk somewhere to the Visitor Center. The HOA will reassess the front entrance landscape after it’s complete.

There was discussion of falling trees along Lewis Center Rd. After the meeting Sherry Jones did contact Orange Township and was told that the fallen trees are taken care of by Delaware County. A report was filed giving Delaware County notice of the down trees.

Jamie Stabl gave a pond update. An aerator was installed, helps with algae and reduces need for chemicals. Last year we had a company treat the pond and there was no algae bloom. The current bid for 2019 is 6 treatments, the cost did increase about $100 from last year. The trustees approved this expense. Jamie is cleaning the fountains. The pond only partially freezes in the winter because of the aerators. NO ONE SHOULD EVER WALK OR SKATE ON THE POND! The pond is the property of the individual home owners living around the pond.

There was a question regarding the increase in legal fees. The Property Management fee increased for the year and a legal firm was retained for the HOA.

There was a question regarding approval for home maintenance through the Design Review Committee. General maintenance doesn’t need to go through design review. Change in color or structure needs to go through design review.

There was a complaint regarding utility trucks parking on lawns, particularly homes close to the entrance of the neighborhood, and cost of maintaining the lawn. Stakes marking the edge of the lawn have to be removed in April. There is a portion of the lawns by the road designated as Orange Township easement, homeowners are required to maintain the lawn but cannot alter it.

It was discussed that the Township is purchasing speed limit signs that post speeds. The HOA can request one for the neighborhood.

As a friendly reminder spring is coming there will be more children
and dog walkers on the streets, with no sidewalks please drive slowly through the neighborhood.

There were two open positions on the board for 2019. Andy Drake ran again. There were no additional nominations. Andy will serve another two year term. Michael Peirce has agreed to stay on temporarily, but he is moving in a year so will not be able to serve a full two year term. Anyone interested in being a trustee for the HOA, please let us know.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00am