Trustee Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1/15/15 7pm.
Attended by:
Frances Catanese, Carol Conklin, Mike Peirce, Amy Lloyd
Absent: Dale Conklin
Meeting opened with discussion about the Annual meeting agenda. There are 2 open positions. Dale Conklin and Mike Peirce’s terms are up. Dale will not run again. Mike is interested in continuing. Michael Henn also expressed interested in running this term. If anyone is interested they should contact any one of the Parkshore Trustees prior to the March meeting.
Frances will check on March dates to hold the meeting at the Orange Twp. Office. The meeting will again be held on a Saturday as that produces the best attendance. Date to be finalized with the 2015 winter letter.
The board discussed the upcoming dues and reviewed the financial situation. The decision was made not to raise dues but to keep them as is. There are sufficient funds to cover the maintenance costs that are expected for 2015. The letter will be sent out by February 1, 2015 with HOA dues, payable prior to the Annual meeting.
Next, was the discussion of lighting situation at the entrance. The electrical needs to be replaced after two of the plugs caught fire in December melting the holiday lighting. The lighting is 19 years old and previous inquiries indicate that by replacing the electrical we could save energy that would offset the cost of replacement. The members voted unanimously to complete this work. Dale will secure bids for the electrical in the hopes of having the work done in early spring.
Frances discussed the changes to the trash service and her contact to the township confirmed that there will be no separate pickup for yard waste in 2015. Yard waste will be picked up with regular trash. She will place this in the winter newsletter.
Michael Peirce recently had his gas lamp fixed by a company who has and can correctly install the mantels. He noticed it makes a big difference to the lighting situation. He is going to check with the company that did it and see if they will offer us a discount rate for multiple houses if people are interested in replacing the mantels so that their front yard is well lit.
The kits for mailbox stain have been a big hit, but are nearly gone. Michael will purchase more supplies so that when the weather gets warmer they will be available for homeowners who need to restain.
Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.