Spring Newsletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,
This weekend marks the time for everyone to spring forward and set their clocks ahead. With the snow this week Mother Nature doesn’t seem to agree. Let’s hope we had our last snow fall this week. As a reminder Orange Township requires all reflectors to be removed by April 1.

Our Easter Egg hunt hosted by the Smith family will be on Sunday March 25th @1pm. Please drop off 1 dozen filled eggs for each participant to 2849 Greeley Court you may leave the eggs by the front door. The HOA will provide cookies and juice boxes.

We have had numerous questions concerning the gas lamp posts as several have fallen down due to heavy winds and rusting at the baseline. If this happens immediately turn off the gas line and have it capped. Several residents have chosen to convert theirs to electric as it is more cost effective. Charm Lite 614-330-1746 sells an LED kit for $89 if you are able to install yourself or you may contact them for complete installation pricing. Speciality Gas House 614-261-0824 carries the replacement mantels. While we continue to see the benefits of having the lamps lit to provide safety and ambience the language written in the bylaws does not specifically require them to be lit or replaced if they become inoperatble or damaged.

Free mailbox stain kits are available please contact any trustee to pick one up. If you have missing or broken pieces please replace the box. Mailboxes can be purchased from Rousch hardware in Westerville or from Cedar Craft (614-759-1600). Uniformity of the mailboxes contributes to the over all aesthetics of the neighborhood .

Our 2018 annual dues have been sent out. If you have not received yours please contact Lisa Bloomer @ Real Property Management 614-766-6500. All dues must be paid by March 31st to avoid late fees. Please mail all payments to Parkshore HOA P.O. Box 431 , Lewis Center ,Ohio 43035 . Thank you if you have already paid.

Our annual HOA meeting will be held on Thursday April 17th @ 7 pm. There will be 3 open trustee positions available for nominations. If you are interested please submit a letter of intent to trustees@parkshorehoa.org if trustee positions are not filled it will require Real Property Mgmt to take on additional duties which will increase our annual dues significantly.

Please remember if you are planning any changes or improvements to the exterior of your property (including painting) all required documents must be submitted to the Design Review Board for approval prior to starting your project . You may access all forms from the Parkshore website .

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any trustee.