Meeting attended by:
Carol Conklin, Frances Catanese, Michael Carsner, Jason Jarell attended by phone

Items Discussed:

New Board Positions:
Carol Conklin- President
Frances Catanese- Vice President
Diane Dietz- Secretary
Jason Jarell- Trustee
Michael Carsner- Trustee

>Legal action will be taken against a resident who has not paid for several years. Jason will get contact information from attorney to process in small claims court.

>Complaints addressed about Rumpke leaving broken glass throughout the development. Since the contract is handled by Orange Township complaints should be made to both Rumpke and the Township.

>Discussion was brought up that all emails regarding the DRB or the HOA should be copied to all board members to keep everyone informed.

>Flamingo Friday dates are:
Buckman cul-de-sac 7/8
Highgate Place 8/12

>Multiple issues discussed concerning excess water and rut damage at the entrance. Frances met with Delaware County Engineer and has notes on this subject. We are also in the process of contacting Orange Township for more information on the new section of the bike path. We are investigating if the drainage issue was caused by poor installation of the storm sewer.

>Westwick was recently paved and is already lifting. We are contacting Orange Township for a resolution.

>Meeting adjourned at 8:11pm