Meeting Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents just a reminder our annual meeting is scheduled for tomorrow , April 19th at 7pm at the Orange Township Hall . There will be 3 open seats for election available. While I have throughly enjoyed my position on the board for over 12 years I have decided not to run for another term. Please know that I will continue to be active in Parkshore and look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.

Regards ,

Payment Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents we hope everyone enjoyed spring break and time spent with family. A reminder the annual dues payment was to be received by March 31 to avoid the late fee. We will extend and waive the late fee charge if your payment is postmarked by April 9 due to the Easter holiday. Thank you to those that have already paid.


Easter Egg Hunt Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents a reminder to drop off your filled Easter eggs to 2849 Greeley Court . We will have the hunt with sunshine or snow flakes. The annual Parkshore meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 19 at 7pm at Orange Township Hall. We hope to see you at both events.


Spring Newsletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,
This weekend marks the time for everyone to spring forward and set their clocks ahead. With the snow this week Mother Nature doesn’t seem to agree. Let’s hope we had our last snow fall this week. As a reminder Orange Township requires all reflectors to be removed by April 1.

Our Easter Egg hunt hosted by the Smith family will be on Sunday March 25th @1pm. Please drop off 1 dozen filled eggs for each participant to 2849 Greeley Court you may leave the eggs by the front door. The HOA will provide cookies and juice boxes.

We have had numerous questions concerning the gas lamp posts as several have fallen down due to heavy winds and rusting at the baseline. If this happens immediately turn off the gas line and have it capped. Several residents have chosen to convert theirs to electric as it is more cost effective. Charm Lite 614-330-1746 sells an LED kit for $89 if you are able to install yourself or you may contact them for complete installation pricing. Speciality Gas House 614-261-0824 carries the replacement mantels. While we continue to see the benefits of having the lamps lit to provide safety and ambience the language written in the bylaws does not specifically require them to be lit or replaced if they become inoperatble or damaged.

Free mailbox stain kits are available please contact any trustee to pick one up. If you have missing or broken pieces please replace the box. Mailboxes can be purchased from Rousch hardware in Westerville or from Cedar Craft (614-759-1600). Uniformity of the mailboxes contributes to the over all aesthetics of the neighborhood .

Our 2018 annual dues have been sent out. If you have not received yours please contact Lisa Bloomer @ Real Property Management 614-766-6500. All dues must be paid by March 31st to avoid late fees. Please mail all payments to Parkshore HOA P.O. Box 431 , Lewis Center ,Ohio 43035 . Thank you if you have already paid.

Our annual HOA meeting will be held on Thursday April 17th @ 7 pm. There will be 3 open trustee positions available for nominations. If you are interested please submit a letter of intent to if trustee positions are not filled it will require Real Property Mgmt to take on additional duties which will increase our annual dues significantly.

Please remember if you are planning any changes or improvements to the exterior of your property (including painting) all required documents must be submitted to the Design Review Board for approval prior to starting your project . You may access all forms from the Parkshore website .

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any trustee.


Fall Newletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,

It seems like fall is finally here and everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Parkshore Entrance Lighting
We are in the final stages of getting bids for the repair of the entrance lights. The lights have been a continuous problem shorting out when it rains or overall just not working. The electric was not put in properly many years ago with several lines which were not put in conduit which is not up to code. We are awaiting one final bid to permanently resolve this issue.

Group Rate on Winterization
Hidden Springs will again offer a group rate for Parkshore for irrigation/aeration needs. Our group shut off date is Saturday, October 21st. The price for irrigation shut off is $55 and core aeration is $55 for standard-sized yards of 7500 sq. feet or less.

If you choose to have core aeration done, simply remember to let the tech know you want the aeration service so that your sprinkler heads can be marked during winterization. Dog fences are the owners responsibility to mark so lines are not cut by the aerator.

If you are able to have your system shut down during the week you can avoid the Saturday wait and Hidden Springs will still honor the group pricing. Call Frances at 740-816-1464 to be scheduled for weekday shut-off.

Halloween will be observed on Tuesday, October 31st from 6-8 PM. Please remember with the change of season it is getting darker much earlier. Please drive slowly and watch for children playing and adults walking.

As always if you have any concerns just contact any trustee.


Criminal Activity Reported

Dear Parkshore Residents,
It has been brought to my attention that there was criminal activity reported in the Shores last evening. An unlocked car was ransacked and items were taken. Another resident reported their motion sensor captured a man running through their back yard between 2:30 and 3:13 am. Please report any suspicious activity to the Delaware Sheriff by calling 911. If you have any questions the NON EMERGENCY number for the Sheriff is 740-833-2810.

A reminder that school is again in session so please slow down when driving in the neighborhood . High School and Middle School students catch buses very early while it still maybe dark. Let’s keep Parkshore safe together.

Summer newsletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,
With the Holiday weekend approaching summer must be on its way! I would like to congratulate all the graduates and their families. We wish them the best as they start the next chapter in their life.

To kick off summer we will be starting our Flamingo Friday schedule. We hope to see you the first Friday of each summer month. The schedule will be Westwick June 2, Buckman July 8, Greeley Court August 4.

Our garage sale will be June 2nd and 3rd along with the Shores. We have placed an ad in the paper with the hours of 9-2 but you are welcome to adjust your hours to fit your schedule.

In order to maintain the standards of Parkshore and to keep everyone’s property values up we will be assessing color and conditions of mailboxes. If you have missing or broken pieces please replace the box. Mailboxes can be purchased from Cedar Craft (614-759-1600) or from Rousch hardware in Westerville. If you just need stain you may contact any trustee for a free kit.

If you are planning any home improvement project please remember it must be pre approved by the design review board before work can begin. All the needed forms and information are on the Parkshore website.

Please remember with the nice weather kids will be playing in the streets as well as people walking. The posted speed limit is 25 so please slow down.

As always if you have any concerns please feel free to contact any trustee.


Easter Egg Hunt

Dear Parkshore Residents,
The HOA will sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday April 9th @ 1pm. Greg and Stephanie Smith will host this event at their home at 2849 Greeley Court. Please drop off a dozen FILLED eggs for each child participating. You may leave the eggs at the front door. The HOA will provide cookies and juice boxes.

We are still looking for a host for our wine and cheese party. Please let Frances know if you are interested in hosting.

Spring is finally here, I hope, so a reminder that Orange township requires all reflectors be removed by April 1.

I have also been asked to remind all dog owners to clean up after their pets when walking.

We will putting together additional stain kits for your mailboxes. Please evaluate your mailbox. Many need to be repaired or replaced. In addition to this being a required maintenance per the covenants, the uniformity and astetics maintain the beauty and uniqueness of Parkshore.

If you are planning any changes or improvements to the exterior of your property please remember to submit all required documents to the design review board for approval before starting. You may access all forms from the website.

We will be announcing the summer flamingo Friday schedule in the next newsletter.

As always you may contact any trustee with any concerns or questions.


Spring Newsletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,
I thought spring was just around the corner until I saw the snow coming down this evening. Hopefully this is our last time to use the shovels . The department stores already are putting out their swimwear so warmer weather has to be coming soon.

A reminder 2017 annual dues need to be paid by March 15th to avoid late fees. Thank you if you have already paid. Please make sure to send them to P.0 Box 431 Lewis Center 43035.

We have had many questions concerning usage of bendable reflectors to protect damage to lawns. We contacted Orange Township for clarification. Beth Hughs has confirmed the township owns a 30 foot right of way from the center of the road along all properties. As homeowners ,it is our responsibility to maintain this easement . Bendable reflector polls are allowed along the roadway only during the winter months, however , no other obstructions such as rocks ,boulders, metal polls , etc are allowed at anytime and will be removed by the township. This is a township ordinance so please remove all reflectors by April 1 .

We would like to have an Easter Egg hunt this year if anyone is willing to host by allowing the hunt to be in their yard. The HOA will provide tidbits , juice boxes and coffee . All participants would need to drop off 1 dozen filled plastic eggs for each child hunting. Please contact Frances if you are interested . You can pick whatever date works for your schedule.

We would also like to have our annual wine and cheese party if anyone is willing to host the event. The HOA provides the paper products and participants are asked to bring an appetizer and beverage to share. Contact Frances if you are interested.

We will again be partnering with the Shores for the annual garage sale on June 2nd and 3rd. More information will follow along with the Flamingo Friday schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any trustee.


2017 Parkshore Annual Meeting

Trustees present:
Michael Peirce
Frances Catanese
Donna Tomaro

Meeting opened at 10:05AM

In attendance were 7 Parkshore homeowners (including 3 board members)

Frances opened the meeting by thanking Steve Ginter for handling the Parkshore Financials.

Steve reviewed the financials; detailing the actual to budget expenses for 2016 and provided the 2017 budget. Once again, the board agreed that the current dues are sufficient to maintain the common area property and provide for any unexpected expenses.

Frances discussed the high water bill. She is pursuing the construction company whose truck parked on the HOA common area property breaking the irrigation heads causing a leak.

Frances reviewed and passed out information on local road construction.

Frances made the group aware that there were two positions up for renewal; Michael Peirce and Michael Henn. Both Michael Peirce and Michael Henn expressed an interest to run again for a board position. Andrew Drake expressed an interest to run for one of the open positions. Ballots were cast and tallied. Michael Peirce will continue for another two year term on the board. Welcome Andrew Drake who will assume the other open position.

We would like to extend thanks to Michael Henn for his two year board commitment. Michael has been instrumental in negotiating and securing the 2017 landscaping contracts. Michael will continue to be a big part of the community by providing welcome packets to new residents.

No additional business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35AM