Parkshore Upcoming Events

Lots of upcoming events! Mark your calendars:

Sunday, August 8th: Mersh’s Food Truck, 9-1pm
Wednesday, August 11th: Kona Ice, 4:30-5:30pm Wednesday, September 8th: Pitabilities Food Truck, 5-7:30pm
Tuesday, November 9th: Cousin’s Maine Lobster, 5-7:30pm

**All food trucks will be located at the corner of Waukeegan and Greeley Ct.

Annual Meeting at The Lakes Country Club 7/20/21

Start time:  7:01pm

Call to order by Donna Tomaro. 

Board introductions:  Donna Tomaro president, Andy Drake vice president, Sherry Jones trustee, Diane Dietz trustee, and Cathleen Duffy secretary.  Design Review Board:  Kevin Fallona and Tim Huter.  Social Chair: Kristen Zollwig.

Thank you to Tim Huter for renting the room for tonight’s meeting

Financial report Steve Ginter.  Expenses are going up.  Cash balance for end of year 2020 was $33,594.90.  Landscaping by Greenlawn is the biggest expense.  Pond maintenance has increased.

Social director Kristen:  Pitabilities food truck confirmed today for 8/3/21 from 5-7:30pm. The Lobster Truck isn’t available until November.   She’s planning to have the Kona Ice truck before school starts.  She’s looking into dates for the second annual Luminary walk.  Many residents expressed interest in having it again.  Steve Ginter states it only cost $214. Michael Henn would like to restart Flamingo Fridays.  Kristen is looking for other ideas for neighborhood social activities.  In her old neighborhood they did a “poker run”. 

Kevin Fallona gave the design review board update.  No requests are pending.  He apologized for the difficulties with emails going through, but the site is fully functioning now.  They try to address requests as they come through.  There was a question if residents abide by the rules.  Kevin states a lot of residents are starting projects without ever submitting a DRB request.  Kevin states most of it is for protection of the homeowner so they don’t have to tear something down at their own expense for going against the deed restrictions.  There was a question about how homeowners know if a project has been approved by the DRB.  Kevin states If a homeowner has a question about a project, feel free to email the DRB.  There is no public record of DRB requests.  Multiple residents expressed interest in a “Welcome Packet”, informing new homeowners of the need to use the DRB.  One resident questioned approved metal fences.  Kevin states they have been approved due to homes with pools having metal fences. 

Open Discussion:  Multiple residents expressed concern regarding pond maintenance.  The pond is a water retention basin for run off water.  It is private property amongst 8 homeowners around it, but it is in the Covenants for the ParkShore neighborhood that the HOA maintain it since it prevents flooding for most of the neighborhood.  The cost of maintenance for the pond has gone up because the HOA hired a company to maintain it.  One homeowner was doing a lot of the maintenance, for liability purposes the HOA decided to hire a company to do it.  Some residents expressed interest in having the Covenants changed, which would require a vote from at least 2/3 of the homeowners.  Residents of Greely are upset about the condition of creek runoff on their street.  They want that to be taken care of by the HOA as well if the HOA is taking care of the pond.  The HOA was not aware of this issue.  That is something the new HOA board can look in to, it may be the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Dan Jones offered to stay after the meeting and discuss the bike path with anyone interested.

All of the HOA board positions are up for re-election.  The terms for Donna Tomaro president, Sherry Jones trustee, and Cathleen Duffy secretary ended in 2020; so three of the new board members will be for a term of one year.  The term for Andy Drake vice president and Diane Dietz trustee end this year; so two of the new board members will be for a term of two years.  There may be one vote from each household.  Each household may vote for up to five candidates. 

Introduction of candidates: 

Each of the below candidates had the opportunity to introduce themselves and provide a summary of what they can offer to Parkshore as a member of the board.

Diane Dietz, Jason Jarrell, Lee Journey, Michael Henn, Michael Carsner, Frances Catanese, Stephanie Smith, Carol Conklin and Darren Wanek.

There were an unprecedented 71 proxy votes at this meeting so the votes were not counted at the time of the meeting so that the time could be taken to make sure there was just one vote from each household.

Meeting adjourned 8:27pm

Annual Meeting – Update

There were 9 residents interested in a Parkshore HOA trustee position: Diane Dietz, Jason Jarrell, Lee Journey, Michael Henn, Michael Carsner, Frances Catanese, Stephanie Smith, Carol Conklin and Darren Wanek. Voting did occur during the meeting, but there were several questions that the current board was not able to answer pertaining to proxy votes. These questions have been presented to our attorney. Once we have the attorney’s response an updated communication will be provided.

We are trying to resolve these outstanding issues as quickly as possible.

Parkshore HOA Updates

Annual Meeting update with room location:

The Parkshore HOA annual meeting will be held at the Lakes Country Club in the Drake Room on Tuesday, July 20, beginning at 7 PM.

There are five open trustee positions available for nominations. If you are interested in running for one of these open positions please submit your letter of intent to any trustee or email to by Friday, July 16.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

DRB e-mail

The DRB e-mail is now up and running accurately.

As a reminder if you are considering any significant changes to your property, The Parkshore Covenant Architectural Standard requires that it be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Board.

Items to review include, but not limited to the below:
– Altering existing surfaces (paint colors, roofing materials, etc)
– Constructing or modifying fencing
– Additions, patios and decks
– Major landscaping
– Sheds and outbuildings are prohibited in the covenants

Review the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for more specifics.

Please be mindful of the posted speed limit throughout the community.

More and more children, dog walkers and people are on the streets in summer taking advantage of the nicer weather. Since the neighborhood does not have sidewalks, please drive slowly through the neighborhood. And, whenever possible please park your vehicles in your drive-way.

Parkshore HOA Trustees

Getting the link

I apologize for the confusion. The link to the petitions is there. If you click on the last word in the post, which is “path” for Parkshore and “soon” for The Shores, you’ll get the link to the petitions.

June HOA Quarterly Meeting

HOA Quarterly meeting 6/16/21

The meeting began at 6:38PM

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Sherry Jones, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, and Kevin Fallona

The annual meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday July 20th at 7:00pm at The Lakes Country Club.  Thank you to Tim Huter for renting the room for us. There are 5 open board positions. We need at least 3 people on the board.  Three of the five will be one-year terms this year due to the pandemic.  Two of the positions will be for two-year terms as usual.  If you are interested, please submit your intention to the trustees.  If we don’t have enough interest, we will need to hire a property management company.

 Greenlawn did the repair of sprinkler head and electric at the entrance. 

Highgate circle has been seeded.  Mike Chiappi has kindly agreed to water it.

There is a dead tree on Buckman’s circle that we will have removed.

We received a refund from Greenlawn for the mulch at the front entrance for $1520. 

Some plants have died at the entrance.  They are under warranty.  We will replace them.

We have been having problems with the HOA email accounts.  We are working on it, but if you send an email and don’t hear back, please reach out personally to one of the board members.  For now, continue to send Design Review Board requests to

Multiple residents are concerned about the maintenance of homeowner’s yards, driveways, and mailboxes.  People not cleaning up after their dogs.  The HOA board can provide mailbox stain if you need it.  Remember if you are making any modifications to the exterior of your home or your property it needs to be approved through the Design Review Board first. 

Summer is here and a lot of people are out walking and biking.  Drive slowly and remember when driving around the circles to drive to the right and around, even if your home is on the left side of the circle, to keep everyone safe.

The next food truck is June 24th Sticky Fingers, then Pitabilities on August 3rd

The bike path has been finished on the South side of Lewis Center Rd.  In the spring it will be continuing along the North side.  The residents on Westwick are concerned about people littering they’re yards and safety if something happens on their property.  They are petitioning the township for some type of division between township property and private property.  There will be a meeting at The Below Dam Park on June 28th at 11am with Debbie Taranto, Orange Township Trustee and Silas Bowers, Orange Township Director of Operations, if anyone is interested in attending.  The residents may also be coming around with a petition if you would like to support them.

The meeting adjourned at 8:22pm

Design Review Board email

We have been having challenges with our design review board email address and have not been able to isolate the problem. As a temporary workaround please email all design review board requests to the following email address:

All requests will be acknowledged and forwarded to the design review board for review.

If you have an outstanding request please forward to the above address for review. Sorry for any inconvenience or delay this may have caused. We are working to correct the email address and will provide an update when we have it accurately functioning.