Spring newsletter

Dear Parkshore Residents,

Judging from all the rain I think spring has finally arrived and we can safely put away our snow shovels. We will be having our annual wine tasting party on Saturday April 26. Kathleen Hadder will be our hostess this year. Please plan to bring an appetizer or dessert to share along with a bottle of wine or another beverage. The party will begin at 7 pm at 6294 Highgate Place. This is an over 21 event please.

We will be holding our annual garage sale with the Shores on Friday May 2 and 3rd. There is no fee to participate the HOA pays all advertising costs. The scheduled time is 9-2 but you are welcome to adjust the hours. We also would like to have an Easter egg hunt if anyone is willing to volunteer their yard please contact Frances at 740-816-1464 if you are willing to host this event.

I received some good news at the last township meeting. Buckman, Greeley, Montclair and Spinnaker will be repaved when weather permits . This has been a 2 year on going process. Carol, Jamie and I worked closely with trustee Debbie Taranto to achieve this.

Lastly I would like to ask that after garbage collection please pick up any items that may have blown into your yard or that Rumpke may have missed. When residents leave it for the next pickup it detracts from our beautiful neighborhood to see trash laying around. Thank you for your cooperation.


Frances Catanese
President Parkshore HOA