Parkshore Upcoming Events

Parkshore Garage Sale: Friday, June 4, 9am – 2pm & Saturday, June 5, 9am – 2pm
Join us for the neighborhood Garage Sale later this month. This will be the same weekend as The Shores to hopefully generate a great turn-out. Marking your mailboxes with balloons or signs to indicate your participation will be helpful to those driving through.

Mersh’s Food Truck: Sunday, June 13th from 9-1pm.
Mersh’s Food Truck has a great selection of breakfast items to enjoy. They will be parked near the intersection of Greeley Court and Waukeegan Avenue, Sunday, June 13th. Don’t miss out on the Blueberries for Sal French Toast Waffles or a nice Cold Brew Coffee to start your day!

Sticky Fingers: Thursday, June 24th from 6-8pm
Again, near the intersection of Greeley Court and Waukeegan Avenue, Sticky Fingers is brining their sweet treats our way. Mark your calendar!

Neighborhood Food Truck

**Mersh’s Food Truck ~ Monday, April 26 from 5:30pm – 8pm**

Bringing a coffee lovers perfect cup of drip coffee and a wide range of breakfast selections crafted with foodie passion!

Swing by Waukeegan and Greeley Court to enjoy breakfast for dinner!

Check out their menu below:…

MEZA Wine Delivery on Friday, April 23rd

Would you love having Meza Wine Shop deliver wine and other goodies right to your door?

By ordering as a neighborhood, the minimum order for each person for deliver is only $25 instead of the normal $50. (This applies to the neighborhood delivery day only – Friday, April 23rd). You can get amazing wine and goodies delivered right to your doorstep!

Place your order at and use the name “PARKSHORE” in the notes section of your order!

Orders may be placed at anytime for the neighborhood delivery date – with cut off being at 9 am on the morning of April 23.

Your neighborhood order will be out for delivery on April 23. What a great way to end the week!

HOA Quarterly meeting 3/24/21

Board member meeting began at 6:32pm by Zoom

Attendees:  Diane Dietz, Sherry Jones, Donna Tomaro, Cathleen Duffy, Andy Drake, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Annual meeting:  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and social distancing restrictions the 2020 Annual meeting was postponed.  We are now a year behind on the annual meeting.  We are hoping to have it at the end of April.  We are looking for an outdoor venue for the meeting, so that we will be able to socially distance.  We are currently looking into the Below Dam Park.  All positions will be up for election:  president, vice president, secretary, and representative.

HOA Dues:  Thank you to everyone who has paid their annual HOA dues.  If you haven’t done so already, please don’t forget to pay your dues.

Bike path:  The Orange Township bike path is being built along Lewis Center Rd.  Some homeowners are concerned about its proximity to their yard and inquired about a privacy fence or trees.  Our lawyer advised us that it is a violation of section 5312.08, improper expenditure of HOA funds, since subsidizing trees or fence would be on homeowner property.  If there’s HOA property it can be subsidized, but there is not.  One recommendation is to have all the homeowners form an alliance and go to the township for support.  We are going to reach out to the Shores HOA to see if we can get a meeting between all homeowners along Lewis Center Rd that will be affected.  More to come on that.  

Social activities:  We are looking into doing a community garage sale again this year with the Shores. 

Thursday April 8th 5pm-7:30pm Slab food truck will be in the neighborhood.  They sell burgers, wings, pulled pork, fries.

Meza Wine Shop in Westerville will let the neighborhood choose a date and they will deliver to anyone in the neighborhood for free for orders of $25 or more.  We’ll let everyone know when we get that date.

Spring is coming, it’s good to be able to get outside.  Please remember to drive slow in the neighborhood.  Also, if you’re doing spring yard work and your mailbox needs stained, remember all of the HOA trustees have stain to give you, just let one of us know.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm

Annual HOA Fees – Friendly Reminder

Dear Parkshore Residents,

As a reminder the $125 annual HOA fees were due February 12, 2021, to avoid a late fee. The HOA Board of Trustees has decided to extend the payment deadline and waive the late fee charge if payment is received by Friday, February 26, 2021.
Thanks to everyone who has paid their annual HOA fees by the deadline.

First Annual Luminary Walk: Evening of December 20th

The neighborhood is glowing with gorgeous light displays around many homes.

Grab your hot cocoa or special holiday drink, your family and a warm jacket to join in a neighborhood luminary walk anytime after 6pm.

We will deliver the luminaries on the 20th to each home earlier in the day. No need to be home, the luminaries will be placed in your yard near the street.  Please light your luminary before 6pm.  

If you are not available to light your luminaries a street captain has been assigned to every street to ensure we have all of the luminaries lit. 

Also, if possible could you please dispose of the luminaries the next day? Again, if you are not able, the street captain will be around on Monday afternoon to clean up the debris. 

We hope that this will be an ongoing tradition in years to come in our neighborhood. 

If the weather does not cooperate a new date will be communicated.

HOA quarterly meeting 12/3/20

The meeting started at 7:08pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Diane Dietz, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Social update:  We are planning to have another neighborhood food truck in January.  Look for more to come on that.  We are also planning Luminaires for the neighborhood.  Any homeowner interested can get 3 Luminaires to set up along their property line bordering the street.  The HOA will deliver you a Luminaire kit and we’ll ask everyone to light them on Sunday December 20th for neighbors to walk or drive through the neighborhood and see them all lit.  Look for more to come to request your Luminaire kit.

Annual invoices will be sent out in January.

The No parking sign on the circle of Buckman St. fell.  We are getting a quote from Cedar Craft to replace the pole.  At that time, we will also look into a no outlet sign for Greely as we have had complaints of deliver trucks driving too fast from Montclaire across to Greely.

As a reminder the pond is private property and not for community use.  It also does not completely freeze due to aerators for the fountains, so no ice skating.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm

Pastaria Food Truck

Our next food truck/event will be a Pop-Up DRIVE THRU from Pastaria! This is different from a food truck because the food is not hot/cooked but rather it offers take home items from the North Market. On the online store, Pastaria features their homemade sauces, fresh pasta, ravioli, pizza making kits, par-baked pizzas along with our popular family style options like chicken parmesan, lasagna, salads, etc. Families can order online and decide to either cook dinner together, save it for a later dinner and/or even freeze the food.

Through the next week, families can use the link:

to order food through Pastaria to be picked up the evening of Tuesday, October 27th from 6:00-6:30pm near Waukeegan Ave. & Greeley Ct.

Orders can be placed now until Monday at noon, when the window closes for online orders.

We are excited to offer a fun, easy way to make dinner together as a family!

HOA quarterly meeting 8/20/20

The meeting started at 7:04pm.  The meeting was by conference call.

Attendees:  Donna Tomaro, Andy Drake, Cathleen Duffy, Tim Huter, Kevin Fellona, Sherry Jones, Steve Ginter, and Kristen Zollweg

Donna started the meeting.  Thank you to Steve for his excellent and prompt job with the finances for the association.

A big welcome to Kristen Zollweg, Parkshore’s new social director!  She is responsible for the ice cream stands we’ve had in the neighborhood and is looking into planning some food trucks for dinner as well.

At this point, due to the pandemic, the annual meeting is still postponed.  Once it is safe to have gatherings larger than 10 people, we will reschedule.

As a reminder there are a lot of people out walking in the neighborhood, please drive slowly!

Homeowners have expressed interest in their repairing gas lights.  Specialty Gas House is one company that can provide this service.  There are also conversion kits available from Charm Lite, to convert from gas to electric.

If your mailbox needs replaced, you can get a new one from Roush Hardware in Westerville or Cedar Craft in Blacklick.  Cedar Craft will replace it for you.

Landscape update:  We are waiting for spring to plant grass seed due to water needs.  The tree on Buckman is infested and will be removed. 

Regarding the Spinnaker entrance, the board will be cleaning up this fall and then determine if any additional landscaping is needed.  We are limited due to lack of a sprinkler system at that entrance.

Grass is not looking healthy in common areas.  Some areas may need re-graded but we are waiting until after the bike path is complete.  We will also be getting new quotes for next year’s lawn service.

Bike path bids went out.  The first phase stops at the Parkshore entrance.  It must start in 2020 or they lose the grant money. 

Meeting adjourned 8:27

Ice Cream Social

Hello Parkshore Neighbors,

We have two neighborhood events scheduled for August:

The first event is on Wednesday, August 5th from 6-8 PM with Sticky Fingers Ice Cream.  Their cart will be set up at the entrance to Greeley Ct.  
Additional information can be found on their facebook page: Sticky Fingers Ice Cream Parlor

The second event is on Thursday, August 13th from 1-4 PM with Little Ladies Soft Serve Ice Cream.  Their truck will be located near the intersection of Greeley Ct., Waukegan and Montclair. 
A link to their website:

When visiting the cart/truck, please remember to wear your mask & help maintain social distance from other customers.

We hope to see everyone out to enjoy some ice cream with fellow Parkshore neighbors.

A special thanks to Kristen for organizing these fun family neighborhood events.